Hi, My name is Anjali and I have created this special space where you can...

Release your chronic pain
Let go of stress and anxiety &
Allow the body to heal from the inside out!

Each private yoga session is customized to address your specific issues.
Yoga does not mean twisting your body into unimaginable shapes!
Millions around the world are practicing yoga to heal their mind-body!

Join the movement...
Let the transformation begin...

What is Yoga?
Yoga is a combination of simple movements and postures along with breath awareness and meditation practices aimed to relieve chronic pain and reduce mental stress and anxiety.

Who will benefit from Yoga?
Anyone who wants to reduce chronic back or neck pain, lower stress and anxiety or improve overall health, would benefit from Yoga. 

How does it help?  
Yoga not only helps eliminate pain but also improve overall health. It works at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual!
Physical: Yoga postures help to improve the flexibility of the spine and other stiff joints and restore movements in them. They also help improve core strength as well as overall balance and coordination. 
Mental and emotional: Meditation helps reduce stress and anxiety and gain emotional stability.
Spiritual: When our mind is calm and silent, we can deeply connect with our true self. The "soul" or "spirit" within us is pure and powerful. It is the source of everlasting happiness. When our mind is clouded with thoughts, it covers our true nature. When our mind is free from thoughts, we can let our inner light shine! Yoga helps us to be our authentic selves and lead a life filled with passion and purpose. 

In Yoga sessions, you will learn specific poses that will help you reduce your pain and restore function.

We offer private and group yoga sessions.