Yoga for  ​​
Low Back/ Pelvic Pain Relief
8 Weeks Program
8 Weeks I 3 Elements I Total Transformation
$160 for 8 Weeks
Includes 8 week course, week by week practice, notes and your own yoga mat to keep!
Relieve Your Pain Without Any Surgery, Medications or Shots!

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​​How does it work?
This program is designed for women with low back or pelvic pain.
This 8 week program will help you discover the healing benefits of yoga!
You will learn how to explore various poses safely,
& adapt them to suit your bodies capabilities.
We will also teach you how to manage daily stress and anxiety through the use of breathing practices and relaxation techniques.
This program will equip you with the tools to live an active & blissful life!
 During these 8 weeks, you will learn:
yoga poses, breathing practices and relaxation techniques
To help you reduce your pain, lower your stress and boost your energy!

Open Class Schedule
Mondays & Wednesdays from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
You can come any time during class and stay for 30-60 min.
When you are here, you will learn and practice your poses & breath work!
You will progress at your own pace.

​To Get Started  
Call us at (832) 610-5564 or click here to email us.​
We will schedule your FREE 15 min intro session where you can come in and see how the program works! 

Here is what our clients are saying:​​

I have attended a few Yoga and meditation sessions lead by Anjali and I cannot wait for the next one! Her commitment towards her students and her individual attention is commendable. The asana instruction's are very detailed and are scientifically thought out based on Anjali's extensive knowledge of human anatomy and her background of physical therapy. It is great to understand the nuances of correctly performing the asanas and meditations. She rightly stresses that everybody is different and the same program would not work for everyone. It is always an encouraging practice with Anjali . I highly recommend Anjali to the folks who are looking to looking to go to the next level in improving their health and reduce stress through mind body integration.-V P

Does this sound familiar?

You have been suffering from low back pain, and pelvic pain for years!
You hate taking pain pills!
You dread those painful shots!
Or worse, your have been told that you need to have surgery!

 You feel stressed, drained and depleted all the time!
You wish you had more energy to get things done!

You may have learned to live with your pain or accepted it as a part of your new reality. 
But it doesn't have to be this way.

Have you been looking for natural ways to relieve your pain?

Then you have reached the right place!

​​Yoga for Low Back/ Pelvic Pain Relief

Gentle and restorative yoga can help your body heal at the physical, mental and emotional level. It also helps to promote balance and harmony in mind & body.

3 elements:
Yoga Poses to reduce pain and lower muscle tension!
Breathing practices to energize your body!
Relaxation techniques to lower stress & anxiety!

Restorative yoga poses that are done with props like blocks, bolsters or blankets help to reduce muscle tenstion and take our mind into a state of deep relaxation!

Gentle yoga poses help open up the stiff joints and restore motion. 
They also help improve core strength and posture.

Yoga poses done with breath awareness help to lower the stress & anxiety and calm down the agitated mind! 
30 Day Yoga Program for Chronic Pain Relief
Experience the healing effects of yoga on your mind and body!

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Lower chronic pain
Gain more energy
Find balance and harmony in your mind and body!
Gentle and restorative yoga has many great benefits. It helps to:
                    Relieve chronic pain, so you can enjoy gardening or playing golf again!
                    Reduce the muscle tension, so you can be pain-free and active again!
                    Restore the lost movement in the stiff joints so you move with ease and grace!
                    Gently open the stiff joints to allow you to move freely with out pain!
                    Improve core strength and posture, so you feel balanced and stable.
                    Preventing pain from coming back & help you stay happy & healthy for years to come!

                    Boost your energy, so you can feel vibrant and filled with vitality!
                    Improve your mood, connect you with your inner peace and happiness!