Welcome my new friend,
Are you a woman suffering from:
 Low back pain, sciatica or disc problems?

Then you have reached the right spot!

We offer private Yoga sessions and Holistic Pain Management Programs specifically designed to help you:
>Relieve your chronic low back pain
> Eliminate muscle tension in the low back area
>Reduce stress & anxiety 

So you can become fit and active again and
Enjoy a life filled with the abundance of peace, love, and joy for years to come! 

Cost: $150.00 per hour for non-members
$125.00 for members
Payment is due at the time of the visit. We accept cash, checks or credit cards.

What is Yoga?
At Inner Bliss, we teach original and authentic yoga to help you relieve your chronic low back pain.

The authentic definition of yoga: Yoga means silencing the mind! (Yoga Sutra 1:1)
In ancient times, yoga was developed as a system of personal growth and a lot of importance was given to meditation and achieving balance and harmony at mental and emotional level. 

Who will benefit from Yoga?
Everyone will benefit from yoga for some or other reason. If you are looking for natural solutions to relieve your low back pain, yoga can be very beneficial. It has helped me get rid of my low back pain. 

How does it help?  
Yoga postures help to improve the flexibility of the spine and other stiff joints and restore movements in them. They also help improve core strength as well as overall balance and coordination. 
Meditation helps reduce stress and anxiety. Breathing exercises help boost your energy levels. 

In Yoga sessions, you will learn specific poses that will help you reduce your pain and restore function.