Blissful Yogi Program
Online/ In-person Coaching for Pain Management
Welcome to Online Programs!
​​Are you a woman living with chronic back/neck pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia or tension headaches?

Do you get stressed and anxious because of your chronic pain?

Is your pain limiting your ability to enjoy your life?

Do you feel drained and depleted at the end of the day ?

Then you have reached the right spot!

My name is Anjali Gadre and I have been a physical therapist for 22 years.

I have successfully treated hundreds of women just like who were suffering from chronic pain and stress related disorders. Not too long ago I used to be one of them. 

I found complete relief from my pain with Yoga, Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle. 
That is why I created these programs to help others like me. 

Imagine living a pain-free, happy and healthy life!

How would you feel when:  

You are calm, relaxed and peaceful all day!

You experience vibrant energy

You can enjoy your time with your loved ones.

You can pursue your passion.

You can go on a roadtrip or travel around the world!

You can get back to gardening, playing tennis or golf again!

You can dance the night away with your friends,

You can walk with your dogs, or sit through your daughter's recital with no pain!

Now you can bring that dream into reality with our online programs no matter where you are!

Our programs are specially designed to help you:

Relieve your pain so you can get back to your life!

Lower your stress and anxiety, so you can be calm, relaxed and peaceful!

Restore motion in stiff joints, so you can move freely!

Reduce muscle tension, so you can be pain-free!

Boost your energy, so you can feel vibrant energetic all day!

Sooth tensions in your nerves so you can feel blissful!

Improve your core strength and stability so you can be active again!

Improve balance and coordination so you can look and feel great again!

Here is what is included in the programs:

Meditation Audios to help reduce chronic pain, stress and anxiety

Yoga Videos to improve core strength, balance and flexibility.

Action Guide with step by step instruction on how to use these program(pdf)

Success Tips so you can get the most out of these programs(pdf)

 Progress Charts where you can track your progress (pdf)

Goal Setting Worksheets to keep you on track(pdf)

Daily Journal Prompts to cultivate a deeper mind-body connection (pdf)

Planning tools to help develop your own practice (pdf)

and much more!


Stop worrying about your chornic pain.

Get back to enjoying your life again!

No more searching internet only to end up with conflicting information.

No more guess work!

No more getting lost in the maze of information.

Stay focused.

Stay motivated.

Stay on track.

It is all laid out for you. All you have to do it follow the plan step by step.

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