Rates: $150 per 60 min session
We do not accept any medical insurance.
Payment is due at the time of the visit. We accept cash, checks or credit cards.
 Why would you pay for physical therapy out of your pocket?

Because, you want a qualified physical therapist to design a treatment plan for you and not the insurance companies. Certain therapies like yoga therapy or craniosacral therapy although highly effective, are not covered by insurance. 

Insurance companies often limit the time a therapists can spend with a patient. So they have to treat 2-3 patients in one hour. At Inner Bliss, you will get one full hour of undivided attention from me. This time is specially reserved for you so you get the best quality of care. That can mean faster results and less visits!

You may even need fewer visits. Some of my patients were in therapy for many months before they came to see me. They only needed a few sessions with me because I focus on patient care instead of worrying about insurance coverage. Also my unique mind-body approach helps to heal the pain at physica, mental and emotional level.

I provide hands-on care to treat the Root Cause of problem and also give my patients a signature home program with proven results. I focus on patient education so you learn how to stay pain-free for years to come!

I focus on your health and create a treatment plan that meets your specific needs without worrying about insurance, you can get better, faster! 

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