About Us

Inner Bliss Studio
Sanctuary for Organic Healing

If you have been suffering from women's health issues like chronic back/abdominal or pelvic pain, severe PMS or menopausal symptoms, pelvic floor dysfunction or bladder issues, you have reached the right place!

At Inner Bliss, we specialize in treating women's health issues with yoga and physical therapy.

Inner Bliss is a small, private yoga studio owned and operated by Anjali Gadre, PT, LMT, RYT-200. It is located at

25420 Kuykendahl Road, The Woodlands, TX 77375.
Meet Anjali
Hi, My name is Anjali Gadre and I am so excited you are here! I specialize in physical therapy and yoga therapy for women's health issues. 

If your hormonal imbalances, PMS, pelvic or abdominal pain is making your life miserable, you have reached the right spot!

I understand your pain!

You are not alone. I have successfully treated hundreds of like you and I can help you too!

 I am here to offer you a warm, relaxing and nurturing space where you can heal your body, release your pain and learn how to live 
a pain-free, active, and blissful life!  

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