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Hello my friend,

You have reached the right spor if you are suffering from any of this:
Chronic Back Pain
Disc Problems
Chronic Neck Pain
Tension headaches
Stress and anxiety associated with chronic pain! 
We will help you get back to an active, happy & healthy life!

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Beginner's Guide to Yoga for Back/Neck Pain

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This guide includes:

  • Role of Yoga in Pain Management
  • Yoga Poses to ease pain
  • Breathing exercise to boost energy
  • Relaxation technique to help reduce your stress and anxiety
  • Success tips

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We offer group yoga classes to help relieve chronic pain, reduce muscle tension and restore motion.
We offer group meditatoin classes to help reduce stress and anxiety often associated with chronic pain.
Physical Therapy
We offer specialized physical therapy to help you become pain-free, active and fit again.
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Holistic Pain Management

 Your Chronic Pain is more complex than you think!
If you address only physical signs and symptoms, your treatment will be incomplete!
There are 6 elements that are essential for healing and recovery from chronic pain. 
 These 6 elements are:
1. Lifestyle modifications to build healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle,
2. Meditation to help reduce stress and jumpstart your healing
3. Restorative yoga to help reduce muscle tension
4. Dynamic yoga to improve flexibility and restore function
5. Proper Nutrition  to nourish your body so it can heal and
6. Yoga for strength and balance to rebuild a strong, fit and healthy body.
With my clinical knowledge and experience as a physical therapist and a yoga therapist, I have created a 3 step plan to help you get rid of your pain.  

3 Step Plan
My name is Anjali Gadre & as a physical therapist, holistic health coach & a yoga instructor, 
I help women suffering from stress related health issues such as chronic back pain/ neck pain, extreme fatigue, & lack of sleep.  

 Here is the 3 step plan for a pain-free and blissful life!

Step 1: Beginner Yogi : Restore your health 
Goal: Relieve your pain, reduce your stress and jumpstart your healing process.

Classes to attend: Meditation and Restorative Yoga

Step 2: Intermediate Yogi: Rebuild and Revitalize your body
Goal: Improve your strength and flexibility, energize you body

Classes to attend: Yoga for Back/Neck Pain, Meditation

Step 3: Advanced Blissful Yogi: Renew and Reset your body for total transformation!
Goal: Build a strong, fit and healthy body and cultivate a blissful mind!

​Classes to attend: Yoga for Strength and Balance, Meditation

Start Your Own Journey
You do not need to join our program in order to attend our classes, but if you do, there are several benefits. You will get a structured program that is designed to help you achieve your goals. You will receive step by step instructions  on building a healthy lifestyle. You will get yoga handouts, meditation audios, healthy recipes, worksheets, planning tools and much more!
Call Anjali at (832) 610-5564 or email for details.