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Anjali Gadre, PT, LMT has been a physical therapist for last 22 years. She has successfully treated hundreds of women suffering from chronic pain disorders. She blends modern manual therapy techniques with the ancient science of yoga and meditation to get the complete relief at mind-body level.
We do not accept any medical insurance. 
Cost: $75 for a 30 min session
Hello my friend,
Have you been looking for natural ways to relieve your chronic pain? 
If you have been suffering from any of these conditions:
Chronic Back Pain
Disc Problems
Chronic Neck Pain
Tension headaches
Stress and anxiety
You have reached the right spot!
We specialize in holistic pain management and can help you get back to an active, happy & healthy life! 
 We offer group yoga and meditation classes, specialized physical therapy and online health coaching programs so you can become pain-free and lead a blissful life!